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BMW Eyeride 

Shooting on the live roads in Paris came with it’s own unique set of challenges, as much as Paris is famous for it’s incredible landmarks, it is also notorious for it’s congested roads and creative parking practices. Post-production was a huge and technically difficult series of tasks to clean-up other branded cars and blur viewable number plates. Hula Hoop successfully completed cleanup task for our client Visualise



Client : GTB

ECD: Brin Bryn Attwell

Creative: Keir Fernie

Agency Producer Alison Cummings

Director Will McMaster

Producer Matthew Shannon

Prod. Visualise

SRV Co. BeBack Productions

UPM Jean David Béroard


Post Production: Visualise 

VFX:  Hula Hoop and Myliaison


Grade : MPC




Hula Hoop completed stitching and cleanup work for client Helhed VR for  this  thrilling 360 BMW bike ride experience! 





A quick fly-through video of Armstrong Fluid Technologies VR experience for Vegas. Here we see the replaceable components of the 4300 Pump system built and brought together in Unreal for client AV Reality by Hula Hoop



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